Thursday, February 02, 2006

one more month,

before you have to stay at a day infant care centre. I am still in a dilemma whether should I be doing this?

one more month, before we can no longer spend all the time in the day with each other, talking, and showing you what I am doing in the kitchen;

one more month, before the days of lazing in bed with you till 11am is over;

one more month, before we could no longer zip around town in our lil'mini whenever we want to;

one more month, before you and I have to bear with the agony of being apart through the day;

one more month, Mama gotta treasure this one more month...

I am still praying, asking God if this is the best thing to do...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chooi Yee,

Christine here! KE forwarded the blog to me. Interesting reading especially on a lazy afternoon.

Anyway, just to let you know that my kids ( including the baby) are at childcare now. I know it is very difficult to be separated from the baby especially for the first born. But looking at them now, I never regretted one moment about sending them to childcare and baby to infant care.

They are in fact very happy at the childcare. So much so that my gal would prefer that I go to work and she goes to "baby school" as she calls the childcare when I asked her if she would like to stay home all day with me.

My baby is also very happy there as he gets to play with so many other kids at the same time and not face one adult all day when we employed a maid to look after him intially.

He is also less shy with strangers and also more gutsy in many ways.

So most importantly, you will have peace of mind and peace!!