Tuesday, April 11, 2006

She makes you a 姐姐!

beautiful day. room 7222, ward 72 , kk women's & children's hospital, singapore)

alas! you are promoted!

you are now a 姐姐 (jiejie, older sister). On 7 april, 2006 (12:47pm) this little angel was born. mama was so excited, staying outside the delivery suite of kk hospital (where you were born too). dr yam (yes, he was the first person you saw) came out and said to me, "...mother and child are fine..." i guess that's what he said to papa too almost a year ago, when you were born. mama felt so happy. at the same time looking back at the time you were born. missing you, cos you were in school that day.

she is the little sister of kk 姐姐, chooi may ahyi and uncle danny has not decided on the name yet. let's call her baby妹妹 (meimei) for the time being.

when you first met baby妹妹, you just woke up. you wonder who she is. maybe you did not even notice that she is a baby, like you. in the picture, you were actually more interested in
the ''bed'' baby妹妹 was sleepng in. =)

mama look forward to the day when you 2 can play together. that day will come soon.

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