Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunshine weekend

we had a really fun day.

we went to westcost mc donald's with papa, kyl-linn jj, yuan han gorgor, peng-yi & yi-jeong...oh and auntie dimpple.

as usual, cannot uplaod photos here. so go look for photos i archive under filename: ph sarah_12m1w 200506 sunshineweekend (0-20)


it was the 1st time you dug your chubby toes into sand.

you did not like it in the begining.

first allowing only one feet in the sand;
then the second feet (tip-toe);
then you walked in the sand;
one hand holding a balloon, one hand picking up sand.
...ooff went the balloon;
both hands diggin into the sand!
mama...have some sand! (you threw some towards my direction)! =)

hahaha, that's my girl!

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