Sunday, July 09, 2006

first field trip: fire station

(fire station @ alexandra road, singapore)
picture with some of your wonderful teachers!

who is this funny person in a tubby suit?!

taking a rest with papa. you were havin' so much fun!! =)

it was a beautiful morning...

it was your first field trip, we went to the fire station. mama is glad that we made it afterall. it was a beautiful saturday morning (8 jul 2006). we met everyone else at the station it was exciting! you wondered why weren't your teachers in school that morning?
it was educational for papa & i. mama even went up the escalator that firemen use to reach people that are trapped very high up in a building. well mama did not pay attention to when the nice lady told us the name of this vehicle. i was busy taking pictures of the people.
i am glad we made it.

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