Wednesday, July 12, 2006

poor darling

you had a tough evening. papa had to go to kl for a day. mama finished work after 10pm. peng-yi got you from the day care. by 9 pm, you were feeling so worried and insecured that you were not going to see papa and mama. you cried and cried.

mama is so sorry sarah. it broke my hard to see your puffy eyes, lashes still wet from the cring when i got to peng-yi's place. you were tired, you could no longer wait for me to come over, you fell asleep in peng-yi's arm. with kyl-linn jj watching over you by the side.

we are spending the nighht at peng-yi's. you must be so so tired that you have not woken up much. when you did just now for a 'lil while, your voice was horse (from the crying just now...) poor darling. mama is truly sorry that i subjected you to this.

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