Saturday, July 22, 2006

you have done it again!!

doing some serious reading before bedtime!
(home,telok blagah heights, singapore)

you've grown so much without me noticing.

i was pressing the tip of your shoes and i realised that you are out growing your lovely pair of shoes soon. Your limbs are also longer, you look different sometimes.

"very soon i won't be able to bite our 'lil toes anymore..." i thought to myself. It will be wierd that i do that when you are all grown up. ok, i know that is a few months or years down the road, but it never seem enough.

sometimes i find myself wishing that you are older, and we can be each other's friend. i wish i can tell how much i enjoy my day at work each day, even though i miss you terribly. i was told that once you start school (real school), you will have other ''priorities" like teachers and friends...i will be happy for you, yet sad.'s it ironic?

I guess most mothers go through this. =)

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wooof said...

Whenever I feel the loving urge for Chloe, another part of me also try to remind myself that one of these days she will stop returning the love the way we wish she would.
Very sad, but that makes the days now even more precious,ya!? :)