Monday, October 23, 2006

new food: our first time...

2 days ago you and i experience something together for the first time! our first taste of truffle. not truffle oil, real truffle. even papa has not tasted it before.

finally mama managed to book a table (for lunch!) at ristorante da valentino. what better way then spending this lovely afternoon with xuefen ah-yi, jancy ah-yi and you!

mama was excited and hungry! i took the waiter's recommendation - porcini fettuccine, with shaved white truffle on top! don't ask me the price.

porcini fettucinne with white truffle, ristorante da valentino, singapore

i eagerly gave you some... i guess it did not go down that well. you prefered xuefen ah-yi's gnocchi.

well mama have to tell you, it gets better every bite. like many things in life, you have to give it time =)

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