Thursday, July 12, 2007

fly away balloon

mama stepped out of the car, saw an elmo balloon floating away. mama pointed it out to you. you were determined to see it fly, so did papa. and it went.

it was the day before you turned 26 months. mama was told, " no longer.."

since then the image of elmo balloon repeated in my mind over & over... but i could not see it disappear.

that night you kissed baby for the last time.

mama would have written about how you were slowly accepting baby joining us.

the next day, you were in school especially early. papa and mama went to the hospital again. by noon, baby left us.

elmo balloon flew away. mama saw that now.


Anonymous said...

I know how u feel...

B4 i hv Xuan, when ever i look at Sarah, i will think he/she will be like Sarah's age. But i have to let go, as i am bless to have xuan n kk now.

God bless all of u..

Love n kisses from the soh family

Lost in translation said...

We are ALL behind you...and we love you too! Just like how Sara loves you too..

Cannot wait to catch up with you soon!

Liew E

Tracy said...

Hi, I'm Tracy, a fren of May.

So sorry to have heard about ur loss from May.

No worries, no worries, God will bless u with another one.

Zazu said...

Interesting to know.