Wednesday, July 09, 2008

always, i love you...

''always i love you mama...!'' thats what you told me when i arrived at dinner just now. mama is over the moon!

mama has finally stopped my full time job and has been able to go to school with you most of the mornings and see you when your day ended in childcare (mrs oh school you called it) =)

the family is gearing up for our new member. it is still a secret if baby is going to be a boy or girl.

you started with boy didi and now you say is going to be gir,meimei =) either way, we are excited.

you now begin to ask about baby and kiss baby.

mama is hoping to catch up some lost time with you. i know i could not replace those time i lost while working long hours for the last 2 years, i hope stopping full time work can help.

a few days ago, you told me " i like you!'' hugged me in enthusiasm. you have no idea how happy that makes me!

you are very expressive now. you tell us how you feel and makes you feel the way you do.

many people who have not seen you for a little while tell me that you have grown! =) indeed you have. even mama who looks at you every day, watching you play, eat and sleep is surprised to notice how you change.


Ang Leng Hong said...

Next month - "It's a girl!"?

Anonymous said...

Yes...Sarah has grown up alot since I have last seen her. Can't wait to have lunch with you gals again...this time, hopefully she is in the "yes" phase

Auntie Linda