Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Moo Moo Year!

dinner with family, kuala lumpur, malaysia

started a blog for hanah few days ago.  mama is wondering if i can cope with catching up with 2 growing girls! 

we are back in kl for chinese new year.  this time you are enjoying the festivity even more then previous years.  previously, you enjoyed the goodies during the celebration weeks.  this year, you get to enjoy it before it happened. 

''happy moo moo year!'' - you'd say.  

you witnessed the preparation around us as the new year drew near.  

while we are back in kl, you have been racing up and down 爸公公's house with the girls ( cousins - waiyee, faye, kk, kyl-linn & xuan xuan... we are so blessed to have a wonderful family to celebrate together.  each year mama look forward to gather with everyone.

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