Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hi ryan!

you 1st met ryan few years ago, when he was 10 month old and you 6 month.

that's ryan's nana carrying you 2, nov 2005, singapore

ryan is the son of aunt elaine, mama's good friend. they (together with uncle philip) live in michigan, US. the family has not been back for more then 2 years now, s mama is very happy to see them =)

aunt elaine & mama have been friends for exactly 10 years now! (mama just realised minutes ago!) how time flies. aunt elaine is great friend and very fun to be with.

we both did some fun (and crazy) stuff together when we were younger... ;-) mama would love you to have friends like aunt elaine next time!

watching TV on iphone (chom chom food centre, singapore)

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