Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo-taking Day

it's photo taking day in school again! something that papa & mama look forward to each year. we are always surprised by how "grown up" you look or become in the pictures. mama also loves to see your friends in the group pictures. it's so joyous to see all of you looking different in each year's pictures!

this year we were so excited that we got the date wrong. we sent you for a hair cut too soon. Hence got to have you do it again 1 month later.

Preparation work includes:
  1. choosing the right outfit
  2. haircut (for "messy-hair-girl")
  3. ironing of outfit ... this year,
  4. we identified the suitable hair accessories, and
  5. mama pre-blow your hair the night before!

you & i have chosen an outfit that is something sporty & simple. cos that's the way you are - active and simple. but the night before, you told me you wanted the "cherry" dress that 爸公公 bought you. that was a nice surprise. though the "cherry" (it was actually a strawberry) on the dress cannot be found anymore, mama let you wear what you chose anyway =)

looking shy

hair-dressing at home
(i tried my best!)

sarah remember this:
we are so blessed to be able to have all these experiences

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