Sunday, October 18, 2009

helping your new friends

"... he dono anything, i help him."
you'd tell me how you will help your new friends in "mrs. oh" school.

recently you have a new friend called zhi-chang. Like gao-hong, you will tell mama when you come home. you would show me who he is when i go to your school.

"he say (present) softly, so i tell him, louder!"
not that you are bossy, mama knows that you like to take care of children that are new in your class.

you will also encourage him. though you do not know what is "encouragement" right now, mama is happy that you took the initiative to make your new friend feeling better when things get a little tough in school.

"mama is so very proud of you!"
when i tell you that, you used to cheer... then you you will just nod in acknowledgment.

"is that sarah growing up?" i thought.
looking all grown up
(orchard road, singapore)

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