Thursday, February 25, 2010

what should we call it now?

"mrs oh school" - that's what we've been calling it since mrs oh has been your class teacher.

what are we going to call it ...? ~that was one of my first thoughts when i learnt that mrs. oh has resigned 3 weeks ago.

could we have done something? ~ yes
could we have done it earlier? ~yes

it doesn't matter anymore, as mrs. oh is not changing her mind. soon weng has probably been praying the hardest (such a sweet boy!)

sarah, mrs oh has made such an impact in your life so far... well not just you, but many of your friends. actually not just the children, but their (and your) parents too.

mama thank mrs. oh for her encouragement, her care, her interests in every child, her support, her honesty and her kindness. you often want to share your new experiences, your discoveries and often your grievances with her. she brought out the best behavior in you. she is a blessing, our blessing.

we have to let (her) go.

.•:*¨¨*:•.•:*¨¨*:•. with blessings, mrs. oh, goodbye, & may God bless you.

p.s. mama also just learnt that Hu lao shi has also left the centre. mama did not even notice earlier. i was still looking forward for meimei to be in her class when she turns 18tmths this may.

treasure realtionshiips & people around us sarah.

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