Monday, January 30, 2006

Good ending...Good begining...

We had a New Year's eve suprise, visit from Aunt Karin. She stayed for reunion dinner with us and left for Perth right after that. It was good to see her again. She was very happy to see you too.

Mama was silly to think that going to the doctor on New Year's eve will make your Chinese New Year better, and less ''runny''- you are still having a bad cold, sigh!

First day of your first Chinese New Year...year of the Dog, the bow-wow, the woofwoof... you are still down with flu.
=( However, like always, you remain cheerful. Infact I think you did enjoy the day.

We went to visit AhGong and AhMah and had luch with them. It was great fun to see the dogs too. The rest of the day was more visiting at Xuefen ahyi's place and Peng-yi's place. Everyone were thrilled to see you in your bright red dress! And you got ang-pao from so many uncles and aunties. You really liked them, the first thing you did, put them in your mouth! There are so many CNY goodies around, but mama couldn't let youhave any. I think uncle Daniel sneaked some cakes into your mouth while I'm not watching though. Tsk tsk tsk!

By the time we got home we were all so tired. But you still refused to sleep after shower, play, adn milk. Mama was feeling desparate, cos I haven't finished packing for trip to KL the next day. One more try, placed you in the middle of our enjoyed the wind from the fan...giggled, squilled...more giggles and drifted happily into dreamland, smiling =) I couldn't believe you, couldn't believe my luck! haha ...

Mama tip-toed off, promising myself to sleep once I'm done with packing...but ended up here again...still couldn't believe that you could sleep so soundly without having to nurse you. I must make a record of it.

Could this be a turning pont for you? and for me, Sarah? ...I am hopeful...

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