Friday, January 27, 2006

You are an individual

It just dawn on me today that waiters are begining to set a place for you when I bring you to a restaurant. It started not too long ago, or I've never noticed it. We used to count you out when comes to asking for a table. How amazingly pleasing that is to realised that you are an individual, you have a place too! Hahaha... I know, I sound silly.

"Table for no, three, one baby..."


"Yes please!"

Chair comes in, plastic bowl, folk and spoon on the table...

I'm pleased =)

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Ang Leng Hong said...

Sarah, this is Papa...reading the blog Mama created for you. Your Mama is really cool...building an online dairy of activities and images for you this young.

I hope you will grow up appreciating little things like this, appreciating how blessed we all are, how amazing you have been created. This is world is full of exciting things, waiting for you to discover and learn.