Friday, February 10, 2006

Home from home...

Finally we are home again.

Today, our visit to family in KL has come to an end. We've been in KL for almost 2 weeks and you've grown so much, learnt so much.

I realised that you are taller now when you were standing in the playpen just now. You stand so tall, and so confidently.

You are glad to be home too. But I'm sure that you'll miss everyone in KL at the same time. Especially when every morning you've been greeted with so many smiles, kisses, warmth and sound. Later this morning when you wake up, you will find that all you get is the sound from the nearby Blangah Heights primary school.

Every time Mama leaves KL, I am sad. Even though I have been doing this for the passed 27 years!

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