Sunday, February 12, 2006

You seem a lot more attached to Mama last 2 days then before. I told aunt Carol, I think you could tell that you are going to an infantcare centre soon and feeling anxious. She said it's more like I am the one!

I am really going to miss you.

One consolation, aunt Carol said that Wee 1st is a good centre, according to her sis-in-law (Eton's her 2 yrs old son's name)

You have been rather un-cooperative too. I think it's due to the ''conditioning'' in KL, where there is never short of hands to hold you, and play with you (chasing game with 10 Gupor and Didi gorgor is your fav). I have to let you scream it out...avoid eye-contact. You'll stop eventually. Car seats, strollers...they're not that bad, Sarah!

I feel rotten inside =(

" have met yur Waterloo...," Mrs England said (several times by now). You make her nervous whenever I bring you to see her! ...unsettling, that's the effect you have on her.

Love you B!

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