Monday, March 13, 2006

2 battles lost but recovering

It's been a while since my last update. We've been both sick. That means you stayed home with Mama. The virus really hit us bad this time.

I had fun with you at home, days like before. Play, cook, eat, sleep...and occasionally sneaked out to town, though we should stay home.

You have turned 10 months on have certainly grown. I wonder how tall are you now. Cannot measure you like I did when you were tiny lil'infant. I have to measure you standing...I will put up a measurement chart somewhere in the flat. =)

You could cruise so confidently with the walker, and you enjoyed it. Infact you could even stand without support fro a few seconds...ok ok 2 seconds! I am proud of you.

You are back to daycare today. When we got off the car, you were trying to remember the surrounding...some of your friends were happy to see us. You allowed one of the aunties to carry you and joined the rest. Mama actually cried when we were going to the daycare. I miss you.

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