Monday, March 06, 2006


Mama was having sleepless nights.

Fever was making you so weak, that it broke my heart.

You were not eating much or playing much anymore. When your fever shot beyond 39C last night, we decided to bring you to another doctor, another set of medication.

Since then you have been feeling better. Your cheerful self has returned, and Mama's heart was mended. =)

Your chubby cheeks have shrunk, but your spirit has not. We had loads of fun playing before Mr. Sandman sent Papa and you to sweet dreams!

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Ang Leng Hong said...

To Sarah: Mama just done well again and recorded all your woes and recovery on the blog. Someday you are going to appreciate this very very much because only Mama loves you so much would do this daily diary for you.

Glad that you are recovering again and you shall join your friends at Wee First. I am sure they miss you and hope you will strong this time to fight any unwelcome virus...

To Mama: Love you and you are the best!