Sunday, March 05, 2006

DAY 2 & 3

DAY 2 - 2nd March 2006

You were excited to be in the daycare. Blended right in on day 2.

As for Mama, it was still painful to leave you.

Visited you in the afternoon with Peng-yi, Kyl-linn JJ & aunt Dimple. You look like you have been criying. I was even more heart breaking when it was time to go. Even Kyl-linn JJ was so sad to go without you.

Later when I finally pick you to go home, you were so glad! (see picture)

Day 3 - 3rd March 2006

You know now that I should not leave your sight when we are in the daycare. But I still have to go.

Today it was even more painful.

Why is it not getting any better? I thought Day 1 should be the worst already?

So I was wrong.

Determined to overcome the sadness, I have plans to make myself real busy at home. 30 mins later, I found myself in Ikea. Still missing you, refused to go home.

The flat looked so dull without you. Even your toys didn't seem to look happy anymore. Mama felt the sadness overcoming me...

It was time to meet you at he daycare. I was packing your dinner and felt so excited. Everytime when I go to the centre to pick you or see you, I feel this. I couldn'tt recall when was the last time I feel this way. Perhaps when Papa and I were
dating years ago!

This evening, the thing that Mama dreaded happened, you fell ill. You were having a fever. Mama felt so so bad. I know it will happen, but I did not it will happen so soon.

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