Thursday, March 02, 2006


Ok, so I over packed:

1. Ru-yi oil (Joojoo you) x 1btl
- just in case
"...sorry mrs Ang, we don't use this here..." Mrs Lim

2. Heinz teething buscuits x1 pkt
- you'll enjoy them while missing Mama
" ...Mrs Ang, we don't feed them these here...also got no time..." Mrs Lim AND the Principal

3. Pacifier x 1unit
- worse case scenerio, it may work sometimes
" Mrs ang, we don't..." Mrs Lim AND Principal

4. Feeding spoon x1unit
- I was worried that the spoons they use are too big for you (they are!)
"...we have spooons here, don need..." Mrs Lim annoyed (ha!)
They let me keep your Baby oil there though..."jus in case you need it," Mama plead. Actually I don't even use it on you so far...well just in case =)

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