Thursday, March 02, 2006


Part I

I know what to expect, I know how I'd feel, I know your reaction, I know you'd cry buckets... so I thought I was prepared.

You woke up early and cheerful today.

"Good, you are looking forward to it," I thought.

"You're gonna meet some new friends today Sarah!" Papa exclaimed.

That's right! That should be the way to look at it, nothing sad about going to the day care centre.

Watching you snoozing at the back seat, so angelic.

We got there, briefed about the routine. Sat with you for awhile. Time to go...It's so hard, even though I know I will be back after breakfast at the nearby market.

30mins later, back at the centre. I can actually feel the ache in my heart when I saw you swollen eyes. You were there looking at me, before I could spot you from the group of wailing babies. You were the one looking at the entrance.

Mama is so sorry Sarah, I keep hearing that in my mind.

I left after spending sometime playing with you...yes you cried.

I was so blessed to have Mrs England to lunch with me. I tried not to think of those teary moments earlier.


Rushed home, cooked, washed. Back to see you.

You did not realised that I was there, chatting with Miss Ang (your principal). They have moved you to the ''senior'' section as you seem to prefer it there. You were busy exploring the area, and found some new friends!

I remember Andrew with huge eyes, and you seem to like to hang around Jaden. He is very very active and chatty.

We got home early. So glad to have you at home.

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