Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tooth Fairy has finally found you!

This week has been especially lovely.

"...i think she got her 1st tooth!", exclaimed your papa.

....silence from mama...( not believing him, secretly hoping that he is wrong) =p

the next day...

" look! touch, its out! at the bottom", exclaimed your papa.

i took a quick peep, indeed he was right, the Tooth Fairy has finally found you.

my heart sank a little. those toothless grins of yours will never come back.

sooner then i realised it, mama is enjoying the look of the little pearly sprouting from your lower gum=).

for record's sake, your 1st tooth is what they called the lower left central incisor, i.e., the lower left front tooth.

whoever came up with the idea of making wall's mini magnum is so cool!

cheeky face looking at papa...

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