Sunday, April 02, 2006


many babies were not changed to their uniform rompers yet

can you spot yourself?

(wee first infantcare centre, ghim moh, singapore)

Another week went by so quickly and you seem to have grown as fast!

You're definitely settling down at the daycare. Your nagging flu is gone. Your 2nd tooth (right central incisor) is out too. The best thing is that you're doing so well at home too. You enjoy playing and exploring at home a lot more and able to find fun in everything you do!

Mama cannot help but kept thanking God for you. You are indeed God's blessing.

Everytime you called, "..mamamamamam..." brings music to my heart.

oh, i have not mentioned that you could call "ma-ma" now. It's been weeks! Strictly speaking, that wasn't your 1st word. it was "jie-jie". But now you call mama whenever food, milk..or me! i even don't mind being in the same line as them, ha!

You look different too. so grown up sometimes. May-yi kept saying that yo've changed ven though she saw you all the time the last 2 weeks. Her baby is due next week, isn't that exciting?!

It's monday tomorrow. I hope you will not cry for me. Actually, mam

a is still feeling sad everytime i send you to daycare.

Papa is in kl from today till friday, he is missing you so much.

i am so glad that i have not found a full time job, let alone a job that requires travelling. watching you playing and wondering about at home is really magical, so surreal, so wonderful...

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shar_rahs said...

Found miss orange....My dear cousin!!!! You lighten up that room man...U rock babe...N u who who made this possible? Your dearest mama, my annoying, disgusting auntie....cheers baby, i can't wait for the day to arrive when u can read this msg.