Monday, April 17, 2006

feeding miss picky

for the past week mama noticed your change in eating habits.

you are getting more ''discerning'' about the ''quality'' of food that i've been feeding you.

you are less interested in the on-going cod fish ''porridge'' with loads of vegetables. in fact you could no longer slurp up the porridge like you used to. papa never fail to come up with reasons on your behalf.

''...teething..." that's the same reason for your lack of interest in mama's cooking. honestly, i was a little disappointed.

then i peng-yi pointed out to me that you may be getting tired of the same old thing, needing more 'tastes and varieties' in your meals. ie, you are more picky now! sigh, you don't like mama's cooking anymore?? you seem to prefer whatever that is on our table.

okay, so i have to put in more effort to bring you yummier yet healthy food, hmmmm...

not only that you prefer food that big people eat, and prefer to be served with the same utensils! so chopsticks is what you like now. mama don't mind a bit to serve you your baby food with chopsticks though. =)

last week you have tasted so many different things, been to so many eating places. you ate so many different things that mama was beginging to worry. but i think you really enjoyed it.

first burger- filletOfish, mc donald's, harbour front, singapore

fun-filled evening with everyone*, ps. cafe, harding rd, singapore

more food please..., akashi japanese restaurant, tanglin shopping centre, singapore

(*everyone includes: hoh-gu, kit-gu, aunt amy, aunt kelly, papa & mama)

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Ang Leng Hong said...

We are truly blessed this little darling!

She is growing day after day...we are just got to get used to her new habits and behaviours!

What a joy!