Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the things you do in daycare

i don't know when did you learn to do so, your can now come down from stairs slowly without help. upon checking with your teacher in daycare, you have been practicing on the foam slide with steps.

your teachers also told us today that you can climb up to the boxed-up baricade in the day care. those are your little milestones that papa & mama did not notice. no wonder you are trying hard to get onto chairs, sofas or anything that you think the height is good for practicing.

your teachers assured mama that you haven't been naughty in daycare. although you do little pushing to get to where you want to go! in fact mama witnessed you snatching toys from edmund and etan! again, teachers assured me that those were just child's play. hmm! i wonder what other mischieves have you been up to that are condsidered "child's play" in the day care!

how about the cheeky behaviors of tricking papa when you strech out something for him? and the munjah cires to get what you want??

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