Thursday, May 11, 2006

almost here...

"...watching her play...I got to accept that she is no longer a baby." - msn message to may-yi.
but you will always be my baby.

observing you the past week leading to your birthday, mama is so comforted. it was not like how i imagined it to be. it is blissful to see you grow, learn and enjoying yourself.

last year this night. i could not sleep. i did not want to sleep. it was the last few hours that mama have you in my womb. you were almost here...

11 may 2005, 09:29 (GMT + 8:00) 3.55 kg, 47cm long, 35cm head circumference.
you were born.

your 1st picture, kk women & children hospital, singapore

it has almost been a year.

"hello..." that was the 1st word you heard, from dr k.l. yam. before you broke out a loud hearty cry.

''look, baby eyes are opened" i stretched my neck a lil' and saw your face. what a beautiful child in dr yam's hands.

"hi!" i said.

after cleaning you (just a little) the nurse brought you to me. like in the movies, with the op theartre lights flooding, i met you up-closed.

" i know, i know...don'y worry, mama will protect you," i said to you.

you were crying. i gave you a kiss on your head, the nurse carried you to papa. i could hear you wailing ...wee wee wee all the way down the hallway.

you were finally here!


Anonymous said...

tears swelled when i read your silly little blog made especially for ms sarah ang, esp this one.sweet soft and special.she's just so lucky to have you as her mum, i thought. lucky sarah sarah so lucky and....blessed. God bless your kind heart and tender loving mother's care.

Anonymous said...

by the way, the cutest adorable sarah, that earlier comment was from aunty cherry. you are so lucky