Tuesday, May 09, 2006

birthday celebration, kl

watching everyone getting excited around you, sierramas, kl

we have not been back to kl for a while now. i'm especially excited about going home with you. miss ba-gong, ah-mah, the JJs and gor-gors uncles and ah-yis.

this time we were back for 2 special occasions. 1st to hong-gu's wedding and 2nd to celebrate your 1st brithday with everyone that loves you in kl...well ok, so not everyone were there. but it was a special party for you.

sarah, we are so blessed to be able to do this. to have love ones surrounding us and giving us time to share your special milestones with them. you got to bare this in mind.

everyone cheered you on as you parade in your birthday dress that peng-yi got you. we were all so excited. you were looking serious most of the time. i wondered what was on your mind. but i was very sure you felt the love that surrounded you and us.

you have given papa and i so much joy. our family has given us (papa, you and mama) as much love and care that we can ask for, and perhaps more! we are truly blessed!

mama cannot express enough how thankful i am to God, to our family and to you.

cutting you birthday cake, everyone's cheering, sierramas, kl

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