Monday, May 15, 2006

a very special day 11 May 2006

it's your birthday, it's your birthday!

mama was so excited that i did not sleep the night before.

we gathered your party bags along with your other barang and head to o'brien at jelita for breakfast. There we picked up a mago cake for your teachers at wee first infant care centre.

Breakfast was especially yummy, all cakes at cedele looks good, you look so happy, we are all so fortunate. it was perfect!

(from left)thaddeus,jingkang,janelle(!!),jolin&joeyoung, beautiful morning, wee firts infant care centre, gim moh, singapore
your friends at the day care noticed that you came, but did not join them in the play area. everyone were smiling...they wondered why!?

after dropping off the goodies, we left. mama wished that we can bring all the babies along and enjoy this wonderful day.

we did not do a lot. shop a little, lunched, and papa need to get back to work for a short while, you and i went to visit some sweet aunts (grams actually=p) at raffles city.- mrs england and aunt betty. they were happy to see you. espcially mrs england that hasn't seen you for past 3 months. we were just standing at the level 3, robinsons talked talked joined in once in a while. occasionally someone who recognise mama would stop by and say hello and take a good look at you. you make me a proud mama (i thought secretly in my heart!)

had dinner with ah-mah, gong-gong and 姑姑 it was wonderful way to end the day. you have so much food and so did the rest of us!

"你长大了 !!" said papa.


Anonymous said...

no pics to share sarah's big day? what a pity. bet it was beautiful. can even feel mama CY's joy and pride in this blog....cos got alot of spelling errors, my friend. the "spell-check aunty cherry" and none other ;=)

ChooiYEe said...

=)aunt cherry- thank you!
got the pics uploaded finally! (with a lil'push from u)