Friday, June 23, 2006

another week!

you seem to be having fun at the hospital
(kk children &women hospital, singapore)

you managed to keep mama home for another week. running high fever right after you recovered from HFM disease. it was a scary night for both of us. papa has just left for vietnam, and we were alone at home. your fever did not subside. we went to the children emergency unit 2 times. at 7 am the next day, the we finally won the battle. phew!
you were cheery as ususal. but real tired. you fell asleep before i even started the car! poor dear.
the following night it happened again. but we managed to keep the fever down. this time, bobby yi-jeong insisted for you and i to stay with them. so we stayed at peng-yi's for a night till papa
came to get us the next evening.

you like to sit here at peng-yi's place. mama grew up in this house, i liked sitting here too =)

(cheng soon cres., singapore)

when we left, kyl-linn & ei-linn JJ were both running a fever too...i hope its not from us!

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boo said...

poor baby. hope all is well soon {{hugs}}