Saturday, June 17, 2006

silver lining

you know there is a silver lining to fall sick together with you (同病相怜). we get to spend so much quality time together. this time we were quarantined. that makes us more creative in enjoying each other's company.

as you can see we have every meal together. breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. you even posed for me in these pictures!

then afternoon nap together. mama has to play & play with you till you run out of energy! wow your energy seem to last longer now a days.

sometimes you play by mama's rules. see your "good behavior" in these pictures?

i must say i really enjoyed your company. instead of having to stay home alone through this miserable time. there are a few things i really enjoyed :

kitchen wonderland
i wonder how you get passed the noisy gate to the kitchen. you sneak in and head straight to the cabinets. often you could not hold the suspense anymore & your giggles gave you away even before you reach the cabinets! you love to open the doors and reach for things in them.

you love to have a bag or 2 over your shoulder &wave good-bye to papa & i. i call this the handbag-syndrome. it happens to many girls when they are growing up. you started young. but apparently, your kyl-linn JJ is still holding the record! =)

you can now ''tell'' mama what you want or do not want. like if you want a snack from the kitchen, you will say mummum, point and lead me to what you want.

mama understand you when you are waving good-bye, or telling me you are done will something or something runs out! we are really building a rapport here!

you're very consistent with saying wah-wah= dogs.'bir? bir? = birds. mamamah = me ! =). bear = animals in general. you can identify lean your body/ head to me when i need a "kiss" from you. you can get off the bed/ stairs very can ''chase'' after me, walk real fast when i chase after are even attempting to ''kick'' a ball (it's World Cup 2006 now).

wow the list goes on, you can now do so many things. you continue to suprise me!


Ang Leng Hong said...

Also can shout "Bell" and point to the doorbell...can boggie to all kind of hip music...must introduce you to all our Eighties hits someday!!

Glad you both are recovering....what a blissful week!

Papa is going to miss you both next week...hope to come home earlier!! :(

boo said...

love the shot of your pair of feet together *sweet* she is a cutie pie :)

ChooiYEe said...

okok papa, i missed those. I was going to edit the blog quietly before ou notice it! =)

4malmal said...

hope you all are getting better...but's great that you are having so much fun home together. She is really growing so fast :)

boo said...

ooh i linked u if its ok. if not i shall take it down *grinz*