Friday, June 09, 2006

the inevitable

we were told that it will happen. so it did.

you are now infected with the hand foot mouth desease (HFMD). that explains your cries in the middle of the night, the discomfort in your tummy and runny stools...

mama and papa took a day off work. ah-mah came to watch you too. you are like always, cheerful, active and cheeky. it was apparent that you had a wonderful day dispite your discomfort and sore throat.

it seem so long ago that i last watched you play. it was only a few days ago. mama realised how much i miss you. you seem so different. your good-bye waves is now different. your laughter too is a lot more girl-like chuckle then baby giggles.

you made ah-mah went up and down the lift, loiter around the void deck downstairs when papa & i went out for a few hours. it seem like you were trying to tell ah-mah that you wan to go down to wait for us. you warm my heart on this rainy day.

going back to work was exciting, but i cannot say th same about the work itself. i'm actually glad to be able to spend time with you like this again. i miss this, i miss you. but i have to stay strong and decide only later, if full time working is right for us.

at the meant time, mama will need your patience, your support and love...


boo said...

hope sarah feels better soon :)

christine said...

Hope that Sarah will recover soon!

Take care!