Tuesday, June 06, 2006

back to school

can't bear to wake you so early in the morning.
that's the reason why we did not have the ''trial run'' at all before mama went back to work.

the sun hadn't risen yet. papa & i up and zip around the flat quietly, getting ready for our (yet another) 1st day. my frist day at work.

the plan was to have papa send you to work, i would go to nanyang polytechnic, in case i was late. i changed my mind. i followed papa's car till the daycare carpark.

you were half awake. i wondered if you were still dreaming. i could not follow you to the daycare itself, time was not in my favour. as i watch papa carried you towards the block, my heart was heavy. you were looking at me, almost puzzled, wondering...you continued to look at me though we were far apart. then you disappeared around the corner...

...it was almost 7. only yourself and thaddeus left. so glad that i came to pick you.


today was a little different.

papa has gone to KL.

i woke up earlier, just to make sure that we wouldn't be late. you were really sleepy. you could hardly open your eyes. mama felt so sorry.

but the moment we got down to the carpark,and when you could hear clearly the birds singing in the trees, you got up!

there were several pigeons hopping around. we chased after them and had a good time laughing...that was special.

by the time i got to the day care today. you were the only one left. i felt really bad. you used to be the first baby to go home last time. I remember your friends like darrian and etan would be so envious, watching us go.

here's how the day goes for us now:
wake up before 7. leave home by 730 latest. reach daycare by 745. mama leave daycare by 8 latest. will should reach school by 830.

leave work as soon as possible after 6. reach daycare before 7. hopfully you are not the last. arrive at peng yi's place 715. dinner by 730. shower at 830 at peng-yi's. leave for home before 9...or not too late after 9.

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