Friday, June 02, 2006

KL trip 27-31 may 2006

looking out to the patio, sierra mas, kl, Malaysia

our trip home to KL, 27-31may 2006.

we all enjoyed so much and i think everyone really enjoyed having you around. =)

this trip was special. xuefen ahyi & uncle daniel joined us over the weekend.
you have done so much:

  • you played so much- with everyone;
  • laughed so much;
  • ATE so much -"mummmummm..." all the time;
  • cried so much;
  • fought so much;
  • walked so much- you walked faster by the day!
  • charmed everyone with your cheeky smiles;
  • got carried around to look for,bears (?) - especiallly by 十姑婆
  • played ball -with gorgor and jj, especially with waiyee 姐姐
  • fought for ball -with kyl-linn jj (haha)

  • you had a party,
  • you had a haircut,
  • you had so much fun!
it was a wonderful trip home...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful moments captured that brought tears to my eyes...will be on the constant lookout for more photos and entries....Sarah, Your "glam aunties" can't be with you but we will bask in your happiness thru the entries in this diary...:) Aunty Linda