Friday, June 16, 2006

something funny...

here's something fun that mama captured a few weeks back.
and the following are some emails exchanged between between some of mama's good friends =)

"oh please don't call my mama or the police.." =[

aunt sansan:
Haha! That is a good one :)
Poor Sarah - she must have been quite traumatised.
Mrs E - you remind me of the grand dame in James Bond movies - Judi
Dench with your "don't-try-to-be-funny-with-me" stance, but of course,
many years younger :)

mrs england:
Haha, I think it was the swit olde lady who was traumatised -- took the
whole weekend to recover too.
Fancy tarnishing their own careers long before they are even out of
their strollers. They sure start young these days!!!
Rabia -- am dying to meet this Judi Dench -- she amongst the bond tapes
on loan to me now??

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