Thursday, August 03, 2006

good begining...

what a good way to begin on my birthday. Woke up early enough to send you to daycare centre =)

you were still sleepy, but a lil' more hungry then sleepy. you kept asking, "...mmmm mum mum?...mmm mum mum!" mama felt guilty. i did not have any food or drink for you in the car, silly me!

when we got to daycare, you were very happy and excited to see teachers like mrs chu, elinah and winnie. you were the earliest kid today! wow! =o

you stood at the basin patiently and attentively while i helped you to wash your tiny lil'hands. you like to turn up the water, but mama will always tell you to not waste water. water is precious! =)

then you gladly followed elinah to the "senior bay". i called out to you, waved good bye to each other, sent fly-kisses...and i left. feeling somewhat happy and glad.

sarah, dear sarah you have grown and progressed! i'm proud of you.

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