Tuesday, August 01, 2006

weekend of fun and learning

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we had another wonderful weekend. we went home to kl. you have no idea how happy everyone was to see you, wowed at your progress and growth. they also witnessed your ''new'' temperaments and tricks.

it was good to see how much xuanxuan meimei has grown. she reminds mama the time when you were little...suddenly you seem to have grown up so much too.

we are reminded again of blessings, big and small. a family like this is priceless. if only we can stay longer. when it was time to go, it was especially hard for mama...

mama got to confess. i was so overly worried that you were not well-behaved enough, nice enough, cheerful enough, etc etc... that i was hard on you sometimes. sarah, mama make the mistake of having too high expectations on you sometimes. while other times i make the mistake of not being consistent with the dos & don'ts. i am still learning...

often i pray to God for His devine guidance. but i know He wants mama to learn too... while He won't let mama make too big a mistake, He lets mama learn through mistakes =)


Ang Leng Hong said...

mama is doing a wonderful job, coping with you and a new job and family as well.

Everyone wants to be perfect and get the best for you...but in life, it is not always possible. It is important we are contented and learn to appreciate what we already got...that's being alive and in this part of the planet that is peaceful and all provided.

With such realisation, life is good. Always.

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