Sunday, September 24, 2006

coffee,cafe,kafe,...kopi o!

we went to bkt merah market with ah-mah, gonggong and gugu this morning.

we had such fun. =)

gong gong ordered kopi o ''siu-dai" for all of us, mama enjoyed the 咖啡 油条 especially.

you watched me carefully as i dipped the yummy fritter into my coffee, enjoyed the lovely taste of sweet coffee oozing from the fritter in my mouth....mmmm, yummy! i smiled at you. you watched, did not smile. then ah-mah peeled small bit of fritter for you, you took it with your tiny fingers, swwoosh! you dipped it into papa's coffee and back, into your mouth!

we all laughed. that was your first kopi-o-siu-dai!

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