Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekends of Gong Gongs (part1- 28 sep - 1 oct)

bah-gong gong at the party, kl, malaysia

for the past 2 weekends, you have been spending time with gong gongs, 公公(''爸-公公'') &爷爷 (阿公)

28 september, 2006.

there was a huge celebration for bah-gong gong's 70th birthday. (almost)everyone headed home to sierra mas, kl for this event! besides the world cup of 2006 (which mama don't care much for), this is the other major event of the year!

for the past month may-yi, mama and papa were busy with aunt dom over in canada to contribute to 1 wee bit to this celebration. aunt dom has helped us produced a dvd presentation of bah-gonggong's life story and birthday greetings!

you had fun at the party. for the 1st time, papa and i witnessed the ''musical''/ ''theatrical'' (haha) side of you! you hung on to the microphone and refused to pass it on during the performance segment for gonggong! it made everyone laughed and mama blushed a little. =)

this trip home to kl was especially fun for you as you now and learnt to play with ALLLLL the gorgors and JJs (哥哥&姐姐). you watched them chased each other up & down the had a ball! at quieter times, you'd go over the darling-xuan, said ''妹妹!! ...mmmuah!'' and smiled gladly. you love her!

bah-gonggong is indeed a special gonggong, papa, brother, son & friend. he is loved by so many people cos he love us all! one of mama's greatest joy is to have you meet him and while you're growing up, get to know him and love him! he was so happy when you looked at him, smiling and said,'' ..gggong gong gong gong...!''. =)

bah-gong gong knows you best...yum yum, sierra mas, kl, malaysia

sunday came, t'was time to go.

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