Tuesday, October 10, 2006

weekends of gong gongs (part 2)

07 & 08 October 2006. Sat & Sun.

these 2 days you get to spend time with another gong gong. papa's papa!

you went to attend a wedding luncheon with him and papa. i believe you made these 2 gentlemen very happy and proud. we also had our first visit to vivo city with gong gong!

it was very special weekend. ah-gong is not a person with many words. but he shows his kindness in other ways. when you were much younger, he is afraid to carry you. cos you used to be so tiny! he may not spend a lot of time with you sarah, but he loves you dearly and is so proud of you. sometimes things you do reminds mama of him =)

he is a simple man, who appreciate simple things in life. sarah, there are loads that you and i can learn from ah-gong!


b o o said...

love the new look :)

MG Driver said...

Cool !!!! I agree with Mama that Daddy's papa is a man with few words ... he used to tell gugu .. i dont care how much my kids gave me .. so long as they dont involve in drugs, study well, i m happy .. :-)

btw, shd sarah address daddy's papa as gonggong or yeye ??? gugu also confused =p