Saturday, November 11, 2006

missing them...

a lorry pulled over and stopped next to papa's car. the uncles sitting at the back of the lorry had just finished a hard day's work.

some of them noticed you in the car. you looked back at them and waved. you even did some of your recent ''tricks''- bird flapping wings, cheekier smiles...they laughed even harder.

just before papa drove off, you did you infamous ''mmuah!'' the uncles were thrilled! papa noticed one of them turned to another, said something, looked away and began to weep. he missed them...

papa thought to himself, "we are so lucky.."

indeed, huijun. papa and mama are so fortunate to have you with us all the time. these uncles in the lorry left their hometowns to work in other countires (in this case, singapore). hoping to make better life for their love ones and family back home. they only get to see their love ones once a year, if not once evey 2 years!

we have to treasure our
love ones who are by our side. we count our blessings that if ever we miss each other, we get to call on the phone, chat on msn, video call and even fly to see each other. these uncles don't get to do this as often as they would love to.

mama wish that the father who misses his children so much, will get to call home tonight. hear the lovely voices of his children and family. wish that he is assured that his children are all good and looking forward to see him when he gets home in the near future... that many wishes he has for his family will be fullfilled.

God bless him and his family.

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