Saturday, November 18, 2006

girls fight too

it has been a week since i last entre any new post.

the week came and gone so quickly. papa went to bali for business trip (by the way he works with hewlette packard) for several days. we took this opportunity to spend time at peng yi's place. we had fun =). when we were driving up toh yi drive, you would recognise the road and say ''..jie jie!"

kyl-linn 姐姐 and you may not always in good terms, in fact you girls often fight, but you love each other loads. she will always want to hold you tight and kissssss you. of course you will fight back, screamed and push her away. you even knocked her with your bottle that day for no good reason. that made mama so mad, i punished you. (i believe this is the first time i recorded your poor behavior and punishment). it made mama sad to see you miss behave (every child do this once in awhile).

you knew that you were wrong to hit 姐姐. you ''sayang'' her hand and 顶头in apology.

nevertheless, we had a ball there. we played teacher teacher (mama was teacher, jj was your new classmate), catch, badminton. it was cool.

guess which was your 'racket'?

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sharlinn said...

Hello SARAH baby....Sharlinn Jie jie heard about your little fights with Kyl-linn Jie jie. Well, the more u fight u tougher u grow...So cheers and way to go... love you!