Sunday, January 07, 2007

brand new year

new year, 2007

we were in KL. we had a party at dai-yi's place (30/1/06). it was wonderful. as every streamed into he house, filling up the hall with laughter...drowning the ''chaos'' in the kitchen...mama counted our blessings. the fact that so many love ones gathered and celebrated.

independence - starting a little early huh??
you want to do things by yourself. wearing your shoes. ''shopping'' - puting a garment (with hanger) next to your in contantment.
holding on to the house keys, open the door, the gate, the letterbox!
you continue to insist on eating on your own, because you discovered the joy of choosing what to be put into your mouth. even when using the chopsticks is beyond you.

mama wondered "...sigh! is she growing up that fast??!"

sarah, you are wonderful!

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