Tuesday, December 26, 2006

long break

it's been a long break. mama had been so busy...sometimes i feel like i was drowning. so much to update. must really get papa to help me set up mobile blogging on mama's phone.

childcare and behaviour
you seem to be settling okay. papa and mama noticed changes in you in many ways. some mama frown upon, some nice surprises.

you enjoy your music and dance a lot more now. and you got a lot more articulate then before. boy, 1 month...mama could hardly remember how you were 1 month back! both mama and papa cannot explain your recent tantrums and rebellious behavior. sigh. mama is so worried. searching for an answer, wondering what i have done wrong or neglected. sarah, mama is so sorry. i should be guiding and coaching you better. instead i got impatient with you sometimes.

sick for weeks
mama passed the bug to you. we fell really ill while papa was on business trip to i-cannot-remember-where-now. mama felt so bad. your flu and cough got real bad. but with careful diagnose and prescription from dr. jean and dr. tan. we recovered after a long battle.

to swim or not to swim
while you were still nursing your cough, school organised a swimming outing. pa & ma were worried, and not knowing if you should go along. we said "yes". you went. but it rained. phew!

papa brought you o the pool eventually after you have fully recovered. =) you had a blast!


meimei & jiejie
God blessed us with family. He gave us bonus with angles like xuan xuan meimei and KK jiejie. they spent a few good weeks with us. it was great fun to come home to/ with them...oh not forgetting may-yi of cos.

sending us to schools
mama's mini in the workshop for a month, hence papa has been sending mama to school (that's where mama works for now) and then yours. those were some of many sweet treasures. getting to kiss you right before i start work was a treat!

sometimes you get to go to some unusual places that mama was training in!

pretty in green (prata place, little india, singapore)

you had a Christmas party in school on 19 dec. it was smashing.

a rare "group picture" - from left back ruiting("meimei!"), soongweng, front-"mac!" (ie max) & you
(block 5, ghim moh road, singapore)
i cannot ask more then this.

as the year drawing to an end in a few days time, i look into my 'lil bag of blessings, i realised that God has blessed mama abundantly. you filled up most of it. =) and there are so much more. papa. lovely family. time for each other. time for love. time for fun. time for lessons. time for joy. time for tears. the list goes on.

this Christmas, we came back to kl. we spent time with so many people we love and so many people who love us.

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