Tuesday, February 06, 2007


recently at peng-yi's house you were trying so hard to thread a seatbelt through the buckle... you so seem so determined to do it!

I asked if you need mama's help, "no...!" (that's you usual response to my offering help)

in order to cool off your fustration, you walked around the chair, breathed (guess you were holding your breath) & went back to the belt!

hahahahaha...hahaha...very good girl!..." peng-yi kept cheering you on.

mama watched you, smiling...

papa watched you...feeling worried, that you were stressing yourself out, i think!

at the end, you made it!!! you thread the belt through. we were very happy to witness how you tried, learnt and discover the ways to solve the''problem''. it was such a joy!

you were relieved =) so was papa...

phew! peng-yi's place, cheng soon crescent, singapore

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