Sunday, February 25, 2007

talk talk talk

(mama's favourite pictures for this CNY...among many more)

you started utttering words with more then 1 syllubas.

" babah...gong gong.." you learnt that on our way home to KL for chinese new year.

papa & i were over the moon!

with al the gor gor and jie jie talking to you for the next 6 days, you are saying al lot more.

horh-gugu !!..
yiyeeeh (ceci ahyi)

you can even start making sentences! well mini ones.

like, " papa (mama) sit! there!"
as the ususal topic " papa, draw bear!"

sometimes, mama found you talking to yourself!

you even exclaimed, " we're home!" today, cos we always say that when we are near the our block. you never fail to suprise me.

you are cool baby, you are doing fine =)

making mama so happy(sunny afternoon, bedroom, home!)

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