Tuesday, April 03, 2007

turning point

beautiful sunset (home! singapore)

trying out beer?!, yeeeeee! (brotzeit, singapore)

"不要" were your 1st chinese words. unfortunately you used it so often with...

" ... 不要 mama..."

mama is heart-broken =(

i have been spending way too much time at work. thinking of the trip that is coming up on saturday, mama is really sad.

you are begining to wean off nursing too...though i shuld be feeling relieved, but mama is sad at the same time.

guess this is inevitable.

sarah, mama loves you.


MG Driver said...

She is definitely growing!
She listens to Ah Ma and Ah Gong more often than Gu Gu (mayb she starts to know who are the disclipinarian and she remembers you when you say NO, Sarah) and she loves to be in their company.

Try to look at it .. you have a wonderful husband who is a great help. No perfect working mum... you are making contribution to the society!!!!

MG Driver said...

My dear sis in law ...

dun despair ..

We must learn to distinguish btw things we can control and things we cannot.

Also, the serenity to accept things one cannot change and the courage to change things i can; The wisdom to know the difference...

Another saying.. Crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow ..

You have our support, SuperMUM !!!!!

ChooiYEe said...

thank you gugu! btw ...just to keep as record, you know who is ang mui gek! heehee