Wednesday, March 28, 2007

what will I do?

i am leaving for philadelphia in about 10 days.

this is going to be the first time we don't go to bed with having each other. mama is worried. i wonder if papa can cope without me. actually i believe that he can. i wonder if i can cope without you 2! =(

we all got to be brave.

"what will I do when you are far away?...what will i do?" this song keeps repeating in mama's mind, especially when i was still nursing you to sleep. when you wake up at night looking for me.

God has given us (yes. you, papa and mama) a chance to learn and go through this.

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May Poo said...

Don't worry mama n rara, u will be fine.... (keep our finger cross)

Mei Yi just hope that u can come back to Msia 4 Xuan meimei's birthday party n at d same time, maybe this will help u to feel more occupied when mama not around(good excuse for meiyi for u to come bakc to Msia) hahaha

Give a big hug n alot of kisses to my darling Rara JJ