Wednesday, May 09, 2007

sunny san diego

here we are at san diego.

you did well travelling all those hours. was tough on you though.

mama was so looking forward to spend allllll the time with you.

you talked even more this trip. i am having so much fun with you! just being with you.

you still have trouble sleeping from 12am to 5 am... that explains papa and mam's leepy eyes.

we stayed at sharlinn JJ and kenny gorgor's place fro the 1st 2 nights. you favourite thing to do - walk dog (you called it ''hold dog''/ ''hold wowo'') =)
and when we get home, you wanna play with them.

now we are staying in a resort called estancia la jolla. pretty estate. we are so lucky to me able to experience this.

sharlinn jj brought us for nice cakes and pastry this evening. you loved the pineapple/mango sorbet. =p Extraordinary!<>

havin' an etraordinary time

(extraordinary deserts, san diego, usa)

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Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Sarah for the 11th May!! 2 years old, WOW you are growing up so fast! Have a fantastic holiday.
Lots of love
Wendy, Chris, Karin and baby Tully in Australia